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DEMO TECHNOLOGIES was established for the purpose of offering various forms of services ranging from IT Solutions, software developments, importation, exportation, sales of computers, networking products, sales and installation of mobile tracking devices and a host of others.
DEMO Technologies was incorporated in 2008 as an ICT solution integration company. The company was incorporated to fill the service quality gap lacking in ICT infrastructure industry today.

To be an internationally recognized and viable security organization with global outreach, that redistributes constructive returns to users.

A full and highly conceptualized IT-based security organization with various computerized tracking gadgets. Utilizing the best management techniques to create a sustaining and well-grounded platform which provides a favorable milieu for the personnel and appreciable proceeds to the customers. This will give rise to loyalty, a friendly work environment, friendship and trust.



We realise that customers want the best out of their networks, high performance with no downtime, so we design and build them to international standards. At the end of the day. Unauthorized access, fraud, eavesdropping, and threats to your information assets and network resources are definitely serious concerns for today’s.

We understand that the magnitude of interdependence of business & security has increased in the recent past. Improving security is no longer simply a moral obligation, it has become a business imperative.

Our security alarm system is designed to detect intrusion – unauthorized entry – into a Cars, building or other area. The security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Security alarms in residential areas show a correlation with decreased theft. Car alarms likewise help protect vehicles and their contents. Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

Vehicle Diagnosis is becoming more popular in recent time, but many still prefers to give their vehicles to road side mechanics who performs trial and error on their cars. With our OBD scanners we diagnose your vehicle and give advice on what to do to resolve whatever issue is with your vehicle.



We have a group of skilled web designers and developers. It is the diligence of our developers that allows us to best provide digital services. We provide dynamic design for global brands.


Creative Services

Graphic design is our strength. Our design team is spread all over the world, and its mission is to have a lasting impact on the corporate world. We bring skilled artists to earn your brand the reputation it deserves.


Mobile Applications

The key to our achievement has always been our employees. Innovational solutions and unprecedented skill sets allow us to create award-winning applications that add significant value to the Organization.


Digital Marketing

Over the years, our SEO engineers have developed a seamless mechanism to win the highest rankings for companies on leading search engines. Through our results-oriented approach.


Web Hosting

Before you write your first article, share your first photo or To sell your first product, your website needs to be online. Hosting is the connection between your website and the world. You can ping, chat or email us any time!


Security Solutions

Our pedigree in cyber security spans nearly two decades. By implementing an adaptive security architecture, we enable your organization to effectively predict, prevent, detect, and result emerging threats.

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Our fire Alarm system provider is a proven supplier of innovative fire alarm, emergency communications and advanced detection solutions.
The fire alarm system can satisfy the strictest demands from the simplest alarm systems to the most complex network applications since safety is always a top priority.
We offer the highest degree of fire alarm system that responds to imperfectly formed fires with matchless accuracy to protect the lives of workers, the profitability of your business and the environment.
With the advent of microprocessors and digital electronics, addressable fire alarm control panels and devices have become more common than conventional systems for medium and large-sized facilities. They have become more cost effective in some small applications as well.
Addressable fire alarm systems use digital encoding and multiplex technology to more accurately identify alarm locations and device conditions. Each fire alarm device in a system is programmed with a unique address.
Biometrics (Access Control)

Our Access Control Systems provides access control products for applications ranging from small multi-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked systems containing thousands of entry points. Designed to work together seamlessly, Access Systems' products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging.
We provide products that cover a wide range of applications, from access control solutions, web-based access control to visitor management system.
  • Kwikset BD99120 ZWave Smartkey Motorized Lever Lock

    The Z-Wave Lever Lock from Kwikset is the perfect security solution for your home or office. This lock installs simply into most existing doors and lock enclosures, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Using Z-Wave automation, it communicates with your Go!Control Panel, allowing you to access and manage your locks directly on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Never worry that you forgot to lock up again.

  • Westinghouse PoE Biometric Access Control

    Comfortable Configure Your Access The PoE Biometric Access Control Lock from Westinghouse provides a manager with convenience in their access control. With 3,000 unique enrollments, users can be granted access through biometric fingerprint or PIN access. IP56 housing protects against most weather conditions from rain and humidity to dust, and its heavy duty components are rated for 2 million cycles. What makes the eOn unique is its power over ethernet connectivity, which not only provides power, but also gives a manger the ability to schedule and limit access as well as download and review audit trails directly from an authorized PC. What's more, even though this lock features cutting-edge technology, it remains simple enough to install without the assistance of a professional. This smart lock is perfect for any small business or government application. The PoE Biometric Access Control Lock from Westinghouse requires the MS1 Management Software in order to be programmed remotely since it does not have the USB drive port.

  • NX4 Secure-Mount Biometric Deadbolt

    The NextBolt NX4 is the latest biometric deadbolt lock from the biometric industry's sales leader Actuator Systems. Never worry about losing or locking your key inside again by using the power of your fingerprint! The Secure Mount Edition adds extra security by adding two additional internal mounting points. The NextBolt NX4 is the most advanced biometric deadbolt available today and is a stylish, rock solid option for securing your home or office using keyless fingerprint recognition technology for fast entry with maximum security. The deadbolt opens in less than a second and includes an impact alarm, so if someone tries to break in, a high-pitched alarm sounds to alert you and your neighbors and scare off the intruder.

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    Westinghouse RTS Standard Biometric Access Control

    The Ultimate Lock for Business and Government From the experts at Westinghouse comes this versatile and rugged Access Control lock. Featuring biometric, PIN code, and mechanical lock access for up to 1,000 users, this lock is able to accommodate the unique needs of any business or government application. IP56-rated housing ensures that the lock can handle any weather conditions from dust and humidity to heavy rains, and its durable components are rated to over 2 million cycles. This intelligent lock features Timed Unlock Mode Support which allows the user to restrict access based on a predefined schedule; perfect for a business owner looking to manage a part-time workforce, or to curb employee theft during off hours.

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The T23 Mobile Tracking solution is designed and customized for Enterprises, Government, Organisations, Banks Fleets Managers and Individuals in need of security for their Cars and other moveable with uninterrupted access via Satellite. This tracking device moreover, combined with a range of other features such as SMS Support on any GSM network, Accurate GPS Satellite Positioning.
  • T23 TRACK

    T23 TRACK™ is a new and easy way to be connected with your vehicle. T23 TRACK™ adds security and provides peace of mind by showing you with your mobile phone the real-time location of your vehicles. T23 TRACK™ provides the most advanced tracking, safety and security features available in the market. T23 TRACK™ combines the features of both a car alarm and a tracking device into one easy to use product. T23 TRACK™ is the first GSM/GPS/GPRS tracking product that works world wide. Also Keep up vehicle maintenance schedules with T23 Track's odometer. All reports can be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance travelled, average speeds and more!

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    T23 Fleet

    Suitable for advanced fleet management where additional sensors and accessories are required. Perfect solution for monitoring trucks, heavy machinery, cars and vans. Ideal for service providers and fleet management companies. Easy to implement T23 Fleet is robust to install to any car, truck or other vehicle and can be fully hidden. Insert the SIM card and connect T23 Fleet to vehicle power and you are ready to control your vehicle. Monitor and control your vehicles without monthly fees T23 Fleet communicates its location to your control center or mobile device via GPRS or SMS. Drivers can additionally use T23’s 2-way voice function to call your control center - or send out their location in case of emergency with the SOS button. There are no monthly or annual fees, the user pays only the normal operator fees of the data or SMS usage.

  • Tracking For Applications Where Power Is Not Available

    T23 MAGNUM

    Suitable for tracking special applications such as containers, high value cargoes, truck trailers, goods in transit and equipment where power is not available. The T23 Magnum is based on the T23 product family of GPS tracking devices combined with a large battery and rugged weatherproof case to provide an optimized tracking solution for applications where direct power connection from the vehicle or asset is not available. Track construction equipment, generators, containers and vehicles with T23 Magnum anywhere in the World with automatic or on demand location reporting options. With sufficient battery life on a single charge to give many weeks or even months reporting. No fixed installation required. Track movement, monitor locations, set geo-fence alarms and be notified of departure and arrival of goods and be notified if your assets are being tampered with.


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